Our Island Place: The vision is now an achievable plan.

Like people everywhere, Bowen Islanders love to gather. Despite a lack of venues, people find ways to come together - to learn, celebrate, and deepen our social bonds. But for a very long time, Islanders have envisioned a place where community can better flourish, and lives are enriched in multiple and profound ways. Now, that vision will be realized.


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A versatile and vibrant "hive" of community activity.

Bowen Island Municipality will construct a multi-purpose facility in Snug Cove, adjacent to the Bowen Island Community School. The Community Centre will bring under one roof recreation and arts programs and services, and provide urgently needed facilities for a growing population. Everything is in place to move forward: Council leadership, an exciting design, financial and operating plans, a fundraising strategy, and a strong team of partners leading the project.

The Centre is imagined as a hive bustling with an array of activities. It is a place to entertain and be entertained. To take classes, hold meetings, and throw parties. To seek services and solutions - or just some friendly company on a rainy afternoon. It's a place to welcome all. A home for Islanders to connect and nurture a sense of belonging through programs aimed at enhancing health and wellness.

Designated in 2013, the building site on Lot 2 of the Community Lands was chosen for its proximity to Snug Cove and other village amenities. A key attribute is its accessibility to Bowen Island Community School, seniors housing, and existing recreation facilities such as the fields, tennis court and Bike Park. The addition of the Community Centre will enhance this already established activity hub, providing another public space for Islanders to gather and connect.


A total of 16,000 sq. ft. has been divided to reflect both the unique and the shared needs of key stakeholders, as cost-effectively as possible. 75% of the facility is exclusively devoted to community-use, for programs and classes, performances and events, as well as rentable spaces. The remaining 25% will be the home of Bowen Island Municipality, occupying about 4,000 sq. ft. 

Designed to bring out our best.

The building, situated at the top of the hill above Snug Cove, reaches out from the natural landscape to draw people in.

  • inviting and accessible entrances are located front and back.

  • natural lighting and view corridors.

  • spaces reflect Bowen's connection to nature and the landscaping inspires creativity.

  • layout encourages interaction in all parts of the building.

  • retractable seating in large multi-purpose room allows for diverse activities.

  • green building features minimize climate impact and operating costs.

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Building floor plan.png

Day time scenario

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Evening scenario

What's next?

We’ve come a long way in the Community Centre project, with the most recent milestone being the successful referendum result on September 12, 2020. A clear majority of voters are in favour of borrowing up to $4.04 million to build the Community Centre. This nearly completes the funding formula for the capital budget, supplementing the remarkable Investing in Canada Infrastructure Grant of $7.9 million, $1.2 million in Municipal reserves and $1.3 million in community fundraising.


The next steps in the project are to prepare documents to be issued for the public competitive tendering process. This will take up to two months.


The tender documents are expected to be issued in spring 2021, and the construction market will be given 4-6 weeks to review the project and submit their bids.


We anticipate the tendering process to be completed with an award to the preferred bidder in summer 2021, with construction beginning in late summer 2021.

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