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The heart of Bowen Island

After decades of planning and community engagement, our island’s dream of building a community space is finally coming true. Bowen Island Municipality is building a purpose-built Community Centre that will meet demand for new and expanded programs and services for children and seniors, community gathering, performing arts and creative spaces and fitness amenities. All this under one roof above Snug Cove.


The Centre will become a hub for islanders. With this new multi-purpose facility, we will have a place to gather with friends, family and community groups. We are a diverse community, needing functional spaces for our varying interests and activities. Designed for maximum versatility to accommodate a wide range of programs and events, the Bowen Island Community Centre will be the place to entertain and be entertained, to exercise, hold meetings, and throw parties. The Centre’s co-location with Municipal offices generates efficiencies and savings that would not be possible with a standalone project.


Three quarters of the facility is devoted to community-use, including rentable spaces. The remaining office space will be the home of Bowen Island Municipality, where residents can seek all municipal services under one roof.

simplified floorplan.png
BICC Map location.png

The project at a glance:

  • About 12,690 sq. ft. multi-use community spaces

  • About 4,220 sq. ft. Municipal offices

  • Project cost: $18.7 million

  • Project savings realized by co-location: $2 million

  • Community fundraising goal: $3.29 million

  • Community fundraising to date: $1.29 million

  • Amenities: indoor and outdoor recreation/fitness, children’s care and programming, performing arts and creative space, spaces for meetings, classes, social functions and more!

  • Project completion: 2023

Building area breakdown.PNG
Community Centre Project Budget.png

With Council leadership, an exciting design, sound financial and operating plans, a fundraising strategy, and a strong team of partners, the project is moving forward. We aren’t just building a Community Centre, we are strengthening our community and leaving a legacy for future generations of Bowen residents.

BICC Project Timeline Horizontal.png
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