Community Centre: Benefits for All

To grab our support letter template or send in your own letter of support, please visit: And if you'd like to donate, please click below. Thank you! With your help, we can make our Community Centre dream come true.

Here's the latest buzz about the Community Centre

We’ve received so many positive comments about the Community Centre, from comment sheets at outreach events and open houses to letters of support. We appreciate your feedback. Like people everywhere, Bowen Islanders love to gather - to learn, celebrate and deepen our social bonds. For a very long time, Islanders have envisioned a place where community can better flourish, and residents’ lives are enriched in multiple and profound ways. A Community Centre will help us be healthier, happier and better connected. Having a centralized place to easily interact with others will have a profound impact on Island life. Young parents with small children at home, struggling with isolation, will have a

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