Do you like coffee?


We do.

How many do you buy in a week? A month? A year?

We bet it’s quite a few.

Did you know, the average Canadian spends $20 a week going out for coffee?


If every person on Bowen donated $20 to the Community Centre project, we'd raise over $70,000!

That's pretty amazing.

What’s even better, your donation will help us build a brand-new Community Centre, where you can come and enjoy all the coffee you like!


Now, we don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty great.


So, fill out the form below to send us your donation and let’s get this Community Centre brewing!

See you at the Community Centre!

beehive coffee cup-01.png

All donations of $25 and over will receive a tax receipt and letter of acknowledgement. Donations of $1000 or more will receive public acknowledgement on a donor recognition installation to be established in an appropriate, central location.

Thank you!

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