Come together, Bowen! 


For a long time, Islanders have envisioned a place where community can better flourish, and residents’ lives are enriched in multiple ways.

Now, that vision can be realized.

And you can help. Your tax-deductible donation* will help us build and operate this vital facility and make the dream of our Community Centre come true.

Donate online with your credit card using the secure form below, and please consider the option of covering the processing fee in your transaction so that your entire donation goes towards the Community Centre.

If you are considering a significant gift, please contact us to discuss options for making your donation without processing fees, or to pledge a future donation.


Thank you!

How will Bowen benefit from my donation?

Share your donation with your friends!

The new Community Centre will have large indoor spaces available both day and night to offer more programming such as: parent and tot, preschool activities and 55+ movement programs.

With a large, 180 retractable seat multipurpose room, we'll be able to hold concerts, events, plays, show movies and more! Imagine the possibilities of a purpose built performance space!

There will be lots of opportunities for fun activities such as dance, arts programs and music.

The Community Living Room and Gallery Lounge provide perfect informal gathering spaces for meeting up with friends and neighbours, and offer multiple opportunities for social connection.

That's not all! Find out more at: 

*All donations of $25 and over will receive a tax receipt and letter of acknowledgement. Donations of $1000 or more will receive public acknowledgement on a donor recognition installation to be established in an appropriate, central location.


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