Council receives regular reports on the progress of the Community Centre project. You can read these reports below. They are listed in order of the most recent reports to the oldest.

You can also read the agendas and minutes of the Community Centre Select Steering Committee.

July 27, 2020

Community Centre project update presentation

July 13, 2020

Contract Signing Staff Report

Referendum Question Staff Report

Bowen Island Municipality has completed the required Climate Lens Assessments as part of the Community Centre Project application to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program grant.

Climate Lens Assessment

GHG Mitigation Assessment

February 27, 2020

Climate Lens Report

GHG Analysis

May 13, 2019

Staff Report

February 19, 2019

Staff Report & Presentation

January 14, 2019

Staff Report & Project Briefing

October 9, 2018

Community Centre Select Steering Committee Report

July 23, 2018

Project Briefing Note & Request

Staff Report & MOU

May 14, 2018

Project Update & Agreement

September 11, 2017

Community Centre Select Steering Committee Report

July 24, 2017

Schematic Design Report

November 14, 2016

Staff Report

October 11, 2016

Project Briefing Report & Presentation

May 24, 2016

Staff Report

April 25, 2016

Staff Report & Presentation

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