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We have walls!

Over the past month at the Community Centre construction site, it’s been all about building forms for the foundation walls and pouring concrete. We’re starting to see the footprint of the building taking shape! This work is anticipated to continue throughout the summer and fall.

Fun fact: the construction of the Community Centre is at 12%!

What will you do at the Community Centre?

While we wait for the Community Centre to be built, we are imagining all the ways people of all ages and abilities can benefit from this centralized public building, nestled in the heart of Bowen Island in Snug Cove. It's designed for maximum flexibility in all of its multi-use spaces.

Here are a few examples of what you can do at the Centre:

  • Attend a Jazzercize class at the fitness studio

  • Never skip leg day again at the weight room

  • Meet up with your fantasy football league in the centre lounge

  • Hold a conference with your non-profit society in one of the meeting spaces

  • Teach a pottery class in the multi-use space

  • Meet up for a bird watching class in the view courtyard

  • Display and sell your art in the gallery

  • Get tickets for a comedy show

  • See a rock band play in the performing arts auditorium

  • Host a community potluck

  • Picnic rained out? Move it into the centre lounge

  • Organize a movie night

  • Play in an alcohol-free darts tournament in the multi-use space

  • Apply for your business licence or building permit

  • Meet with planning staff to go over your rezoning application

  • Have your say on a new bylaw at a Public Hearing

Fundraising: we’re getting close, but we still need your support.

Did you know? We’ve already secured 85% of the funding, but we still need to raise $3.5 million to meet the capital budget of $18.7 million.

The Community Centre’s funding strategy is multi-faceted, with 55% of the capital costs being funded from Federal and Provincial grants, 28% from Municipal dollars, and the remaining 17% from community donations.

Sponsor a seat!

Sponsor a seat! The Community Centre will have a large multi-purpose performing arts auditorium with 180 retractable seats. These seats will host our community for years to come at theatrical performances, all kinds of concerts, movies, cultural events, conference lectures, graduations, town halls, and the list goes on. Check out this demo video of the seats as they are retracted, transforming a comfortable, purpose built performance auditorium into a large multi-use space for other types of programming.

For $2500, you can sponsor a seat. This includes an engraved plate on the seat with your name, or a dedication to someone else.

Try before you buy! There are two seats on display at the Hearth Gallery, where you can take a look and try them out.

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